Bankers & Placement Agents

At Weild & Co., our goal is to provide our registered professionals with the tools, services, regulatory guidance, capital markets expertise and the collaborative network they need to be successful in the capital markets and investment banking industry. 

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Our team members have diverse backgrounds, including profound knowledge, experience and expertise in capital markets, business development, and investment banking. Our founder is a world-recognized expert who has spoken in Congress, the SEC, the White House, the OECD and the G-20. He is referred to as "the Father of the JOBS Act", arguably the most important piece of pro-capital formation legislation in a generation.

Teams win. Investment bankers join Weild & Co. because our firm helps them make more money by allowing them to spend more time on production and enabling them to do deals and bring value to clients that they could not do on their own. We have an established growing team of investment bankers and placement agents with expertise in a variety of products spanning many verticals. We meet regularly to review active transactions, opportunities, and to collaborate on how best to leverage our collective expertise for the benefit of our clients. 

Investment Banking Expertise

Our founder headed corporate finance, equity capital markets and strategy for a leading investment bank. We have investment banking and capital markets talent from a broad cross section of the best firms. Whatever the question or need, we can find an answer or solution in-house. We share a passion for excellence, entrepreneurship, hard work, and intellect. 

Regulatory Support

We assist professionals in transferring active licenses and registrations into Weild & Co. We also advise and support to those professionals that need to be re-licensed or licensed for the first time. Whether it is consultants seeking to help clients that require financing, women that have left Wall Street to have children and are now re-entering the work force, or older securities industry professionals seeking to stay active, we prize our role of enabling human capital to serve the growth economy. 

Collaborative Network

Capital Markets


At Weild & Co., our employees maintain a passionate belief that their work is not only contributing to their personal growth and development, but also to the enhancement of our Affiliate Network's practices, the success of the firm, and the advancement of the financial industry as a whole.  As you change broker/dealers, or need to establish yourself with one,  choosing Weild & Co. puts our dedicated team to work for you.

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