WEILD & CO. MISSION - David Weild, Founder & CEO

OCT 2014






"...using technology to drive...into the right kinds of investors..."


- David Weild



David Weild is the Chairman & CEO of Weild & Co. (www.weildco.com) and a former vice chairman of NASDAQ, head of corporate finance (investment banking) and the equity transactions group (public stock offerings) at Prudential Securities.  He and many of his team have worked at major Wall Street firms and bring  backgrounds in many relevant disciplines including equity capital markets, investment banking, equity research, institutional sales and equity trading.  Over the course of his career, David has worked on over 1,000 successful IPOs and follow-on offerings and has achieved many firsts for large companies (simultaneous listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange of PolyGram Records IPO) and small companies (first overnight offering off a shelf registration for Mail-Well).


David is widely referred to as "The Father of the JOBS Act," considered to be the most important piece of pro-capital formation legislation in the United States in over a generation.  As one  of the world’s leading voices to improve market structure and outcomes for entrepreneurs, he has a passionate belief that the capacity of US equities markets can be improved to drive innovation, the  economy and job growth.   David has spoken  in Congress and  at the  SEC to advocate for improvements to capital markets.  He was in attendance at the White House Rose Garden for the signing of the  JOBS Act by the President on April 5, 2012.      See his wikipedia page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Weild_IV    





David Weild Speaking with Tabb Forum

Hear from David Weild, CEO of Weild & Co., about how the overall decline in public companies and the increasing challenges firms face in raising financing in the capital markets led to the JOBS Act.



BigFix CEO Dave Robbins

Hear from Dave Robbins, veteran Silicon Valley  CEO, how Weild & Co. made a difference for his management team and board of directors.