Financing Growth

Weild & Co. has a special focus on thought leadership, market infrastructure and services to help finance businesses that create jobs, drive economic growth, and advance the quality of life. We help entrepreneurs succeed. We help companies succeed. 

Thought Leadership

Founder David Weild is a known thought leader whose written work has catalyzed some of the most important pro-capital formation legislation and rulemaking in decades. David has testified before Congress, the SEC, the OECD and has spoken at the G-20. He is frequently referred to as "The Father of the JOBS Act"- the Act that gave birth to Reg. A+ IPOS, Emerging Growth IPOs, Securities Crowdfunding and the use of General Solicitation in Private Placements. His written work identified the decline of the IPO market, especially small IPOs, the decline in the number of publicly listed companies, the problem with one-size-fits-all markets, and small tick sizes. 


We work to deliver superior outcomes for our clients. Our platform is designed to enable our human capital to provide better outcomes than they could by themselves or with smaller firms. We have a culture of performance.