Pleasantly Surprised by Boulder

We recently opened up our headquarters at 777 29th Street in Boulder. We're only a fifteen minute walk from the CU Boulder, Leeds School of Business campus and we are strategically placed across the street from great eateries and drinkeries. You can see the magnificent Colorado Rockies right out our windows and there will soon be beer in the fridge.

The town has been very embracing, from Katie Connor from the Leeds School of Business to Brad Feld of Foundry Group who hosted us late on a Friday afternoon and Daniel Epstein of Unreasonable Institute who I finally connected with by phone who now owes me a beer that I'm very much looking forward to collecting. Thank you Chance Barnett for those introductions - Chance is the founder of "Crowdfunder" and was involved in lobbying for the JOBS Act. His site is one of the early equity crowdfunding portals.

What we're finding is that there is a myriad of services to support IssuWorks and that the people of Boulder have been remarkably responsive - including the Staff of Congressman Polis who we're looking forward to meeting in Boulder or Washington DC at some point. Another pleasant discovery on the public policy front is that both Colorado's Governor - John Hickenlooper and one of Colorado's US Senators Michael Bennet are both graduates of my alma mater, Wesleyan University. Senator Bennet's father Doug was actually the President of Wesleyan. In a happy coincidence, Senator Bennet has on his web site a recorded streaming (watch video) of a "Crowdfunding" informational event. At least one of the participants, Doug Ellenoff of Ellenoff Grossman & Schole, is a friend of mine. We wonder if the sponsors know that the actual recommendation to repeal the "prohibition against general solicitation" -- that became Title II of the JOBS Act and gave birth to crowdfunding of securities to accredited investors -- was taken from the recommendation section of a paper written by Edward Kim and me (see page 30 of "A wake-up call for America")?

All in all, we are very pleasantly surprised by everything we see.


David Weild

Founder & CEO

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