"'One size fits all markets were never the right answer"


- David Weild


Small Caps, the Tick Pilot and Capital Formation


The overall decline in public companies and the increasing challenges firms face in raising financing in the capital markets have spurred regulators to pass the JOBS Act and propose the small-cap tick pilot. But will the tick pilot actually help?


It might, if it is structured properly, according to David Weild, CEO of Weild & Co. and the former vice chair of Nasdaq, who stresses that the current one-size-fits-all market structure for US equities has been a disaster for small caps. But the tick pilot is overly complex and too short, he adds.


Weild and TABB Group founder and CEO Larry Tabb discuss why the current pilot won’t create the economic incentives needed to support more small-cap IPOs and look at the legislative horizon.   

Interview - David Weild speaking with Tabb Forum