Company Overview

Weild & Co. enables investment bankers to deliver better results for corporate clients and their investors.

Our platform strategy is focused on enabling our registered professionals to provide a broader spectrum of corporate finance and capital raising services. These services span the gamut from strategic advisory, M&A, private placements, and public securities offerings to investor relations services. We strive to provide a differentiated approach that is client-focused and infused with our unrivaled understanding as to how market structure leads traditional Wall Street to work against the interests of the corporate client. We take particular pride in helping businesses and funds that contribute to job formation, economic growth, and quality of life.

We embrace diversity. We believe that different experiences and perspectives enrich us and make us better at what we do. Older Professionals, Working Mothers, and individuals of all ethnicities and creeds are all important to our vision of a great company. Our primary requirement is that professionals be honest, ethical, professional, hardworking, and passionate about bringing value to clients. 

Leadership and Directors

Weild & Co. was founded by David Weild IV, the former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ who headed a Top 10 investment bank and is known as "The father of the JOBS Act", to give investment bankers, placement agents, and other human capital the tools required to prosper while driving better outcomes for corporate clients and their investors.